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Are you seeking expert financial guidance and strategic management solutions to propel your business to new heights?

Corporate Finance & Transaction Advisory

Secure custom made solutions in funding and investment advisory. GGF Africa’s Corporate Finance team are experts in providing the support you need across the spectrum including transaction advisory, due diligence reviews, valuations and budgeting.

Strategy & Business Development

Working with leaders to drive enterprise value, resolve critical strategy and policy challenges; GGF Africa’s Strategic Planning team utilize a blend of traditional and contemporary approaches to facilitate and operationalize strategy effectively.

Human Capital

Engage top talent, build and manage high-performance capacity with our strategic Human Capital interventions. The Human Capital team offer solutions including recruitment, job evaluations, skills audits, performance management, culture transformation and training.

Internal Systems & Digital Solutions

GGF AFRICA helps clients to enhance internal systems, standardize procedures & re-engineer processes. Drive transformation with appropriate technology and expert support.

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GGF Africa is a sustainable transformation firm working with organisations across sub-Saharan Africa, on business, government & non-profit projects. Our teams and partners collaborate nationally and across borders to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to deliver sustainable enterprise value.

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Delivered by a pool of collaborating experts, GGF AFRICA’s service offering is designed to help your organisation enhance what we have defined as “your four critical capacity pillars”.

What Clients Say About Us


Kennedy Mtetwa

Board Chairman & Shareholder

Corporate Rescue is often the last resort for shareholders and managers of companies in distress and often can be an unpleasant and protracted experience. It therefore came as a bit of a surprise to us that working with Felix and his team was a smooth and pleasant experience which delivered a win-win solution, in a short space of time, that has left all stakeholders (including shareholders) whole and satisfied. From the first day in his role as Corporate Rescue Practitioner Felix took charge of the organisation that was now under his care demonstrating independent but consultative leadership supported by an efficient, responsive and proactive team. I wholeheartedly recommend Felix and his Team at GGF Africa to any owners, shareholders or Managers of companies in distress reminding them that "a stitch in time saves nine. "

Jane Finiyasi & Sheron Takabvirwa

Ingrid Chemicals – Mining chemicals

Working GGF Africa was a very positive experience for us at Ingrid Chemicals. Though we had never heard of Corporate rescue before we quickly realised the importance and usefulness of this process when businesses struggle for one reason or another. From the very first day we were contacted by the GGF Team to the day our money was handed over to us we were kept well informed at all times with the team taking time to visit us to understand our business and secure our cooperation with the corporate rescue process even though we were over 100km away from their offices. We are currently planning to work with GGF again to structure transactions that we have been contemplating for a while and we do not hesitate to recommend GGF Africa to anyone requiring Corporate Rescue, Corporate Finance and general Corporate Finance advice.

Wence Kutekwatekwa

Shareholder – Mining

Felix and his team were a well-oiled machine that followed the legal and procedural provisions of the corporate rescue process in a thorough and systematic way. Efficient and knowledgeable as well as creative and flexible, the team pursued all options of Business Rescue and activated their networks in order to identify and engage prospective investors and new sources of capital for the client. The team took the time to acquaint themselves with the business and its setting in order to bring their business management skills and financial advisory capabilities to bear in the execution of their mandate. As we have worked with GGF Africa we have come to value their knowledge, experience and capabilities and plan to work with them in other future corporate development projects.

Melbron Matemba

General Manager Ambis Mining

GGF Africa were a pleasure to work with over the period of the corporate rescue of Ambis Mining Company. 90 days later GGF Africa went far and beyond expectations to deliver a successful Corporate Rescue outcome for both shareholders and Creditors community. They worked diligently and left ALL stakeholders happy and satisfied, a remarkable achievement given the constraints of time and economic operating environment of the Zimbabwean Mining Industry. I would therefore highly recommend GGF Africa to any one who may need the kind and range of services GGF Africa offers.

Manenji Muchocho

Weighbridge Attendant/Security Officer

GGF Africa vakatibatsira zvikuru kambani yataishandira payakavhara iine mari dzedu nedzevamwe vataidyidzana navo. Kupinda kwakaita GGF paCorporate Rescue, zvichibudikidza nekuHigh Court, takashanda navo zvakanakisa vachiuya kuzoona kwataishanda pamwe nekutizivisa zvaiitika nguva nenguva. GGF vakakwanisa kutidzorera tose vashandi mari dzedu dzakakwana. Naizvozvo tinotenda GGF Africa tichiti “Rambai makadaro. Mwari Vakuitrei zvakanaka !”

James Ross Goddard

J R Goddard Contracting P/L.

J R Goddard Contracting congratulate the Team at G G F Africa for the successful Completion of a US$1,0 million corporate rescue assignment, within an impressively short period of only six months. J R G had virtually given up hope of ever receiving anything at all or at best a few cents in every dollar of the significant sum that was owed to J R G for over two years . J R G were astounded when GGF Africa delivered full payment of our outstanding payment in an impressively short period of time. GGF Africa’s professionalism, structure, strategy, efficiency and forthrightness was a pleasure to experience and we look forward to working with GGF Africa into the Future while unreservedly recommending them to anyone looking for Corporate Rescue, Transaction Advisory and Management Consultancy expertise !

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