Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe

Infrastructure plays a huge role in economic development. The GGF AFRICA team was also appointed to spearhead the transformation of the former Zimbabwe Development Bank (“ZDB”) to IDBZ and played a key role in strategy development of the new entity. To date, IDBZ has been instrumental in providing funding and technical expertise for projects that […]

Strategic Planning for Sustainable Transformation

Strategic Planning is the buzz word of this century. Everyone does it, and knows a little bit about it. But does this annual ritual produce a plan; and if so, is the plan strategic? If you are the captain of one of Zimbabwe’s many ships, whether in industry or the public sector, today we ask the […]

Impact Investment, the new age?

Impact Investment, the new age? In a world riddled with increasing uncertainty, a new movement has taken over and is now dominating the corporate landscape. Over the last decade, the world of Impact Investment has been gaining momentum.  Executives have suddenly found themselves sitting in meetings of corporate self-introspection in a bid to find solutions […]

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development – Funding Solutions

Crafting relevant funding solutions that meet clients’ needs is at the heart of our business. GGF AFRICA working with the Ministry of Finance developed a concept to deliver affordable housing solutions to Public Servants. A proposal that led to the establishment of PSHDC was developed, to spearhead the development of affordable accommodation for Public Servants. […]