Our Heritage

Zimre Holdings Limited, an insurance company with interests in Zimbabwe and several other African markets, decided in 2008 to exit all non-insurance investments, and focus on insurance and property. This decision created an acquisition opportunity for the GGF Management team. In August 2008, Team GGF, under the leadership of its founding Managing Director, Felix Kumirai, structured, negotiated and executed a Management Buy-Out resulting in the purchase by Simukai Enterprises (a management owned vehicle) of 100% of the ordinary share capital in GGF, owned by Zimre through its financial holdings company at the time, Genesis Financial Holdings Limited. We will always remember that Mergers & Acquisitions, Management Buy-outs, and Transaction Advisory is a calling drawing from the very foundation of our institutional history and heritage – a part of our DNA, not just as a fancy gimmick we like to toast on drinks nights, but as a true record in the history of the firm.

    Genesis Global Finance (Private) Limited (“GGF”), is a regional financial advisory and strategy consultancy services firm with business interests in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. GGF is a member of the Botswana International Financial Services Centre (“IFSC”). GGF focuses on providing specialist management consultancy and strategic planning consultancy services to private and public companies as well as government ministries and parastatals. GGF is accredited by the Office of the President and Cabinet as one of the experts for the Provision of Consultancy Services for Results Based Strategic Planning for public agencies vide State Procurement Board resolution PBR-1384 of September 29 2011.