Capital Raising and Funding Solutions

Our team of seasoned practitioners is involved in crafting relevant financial solutions that meet our clients’ corporate finance needs. GGF AFRICA has a team of competent investment bankers with a vast amount of proven experience in corporate finance and advisory services.

Corporate Finance

Our focus is to ensure that our clients are appropriately quipped to navigate the three key categorises of decisions i.e. Investment Decisions, Financing Decisions and Dividend/ Harvesting decisions.

We cater for all sectors of the economy including insurance, telecommunications, property, natural resources, banking and bulk infrastructure. Whether our client is in business for profit or not, we recognize that resource mobilisation, informed by comprehensive resource needs assessments, is a critical ingredient for sustainable organisational development. 

We pride ourselves in our transaction advisory track record, and our growing list of clients who can attest to the support we have provided in mobilising adequate and appropriately structured financial resources (debt, quasi/mezzanine, equity, or grant funding), from a range of funding sources including: local and international capital markets, institutional investors, and development partners.

Capital Raising

GGF Africa is well-positioned to assist clients in mobilizing funding through a variety of channels, including:

We have a proven track record of success in helping clients raise the capital they need to grow their businesses. We understand the unique challenges facing businesses in Africa, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible advice and assistance.

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