TURNAROUND STRATEGIES FOR BUSINESS IN DISTRESS – GGF AFRICA INSIGHT Here’s what to do when your Business presents with these typical symptoms of distress! What to do when your Business presents with symptoms of distress! 1.   Do not panic, focus on timely action. 2.   Engage a corporate rescue practitioner. 3.    Define expectations and deliverables. 4.    Evaluate the … Read more

Effective Implementation of Strategy for Sustainable Transformation

Effective strategy implementation for sustainable transformation (Part 4 of a 24-part weekly series)   In part 3 of this series, we introduced the concept of strategy, and undertook to focus on implementation in a subsequent episode. Well, our word is bond.   If you are actively following our series then perhaps you have just come … Read more

Organisational Culture 19 April 2018

 Organisational transformation imperatives in pre-election Zimbabwe: Organisational Culture Change (Part 2 of a 24-part weekly series)  As we continue in the transformation journey, this week we focus on Organisational Culture Change as a key ingredient in building a winning institution. Most of us have experienced poor service from a service provider before…arriving at their office … Read more

Compelling Case for Organisational Transformation

 Organisational transformation imperatives in pre-election Zimbabwe (Part 1 of a 24-part weekly series)  The world is changing. The business environment is changing. Technology has changed the way people do business. What, with the Internet of Things (IOT), Augmented Reality (AR), blockchain technology, crypto-assets, and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming commonplace in the business world, even … Read more

Genesis Global Finance (Private) Limited (“GGF”), is a regional financial advisory and strategy consultancy services firm with business interests in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. GGF is a member of the Botswana International Financial Services Centre (“IFSC”). GGF focuses on providing specialist management consultancy and strategic planning consultancy services to private and public companies as well as government ministries and parastatals. 

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