We Lead the ESG Charge in Zimbabwe’s Rise: GGF Africa

The winds of change are sweeping across Africa, and the call for sustainable, responsible business practices is echoing loud and clear. At the forefront of this movement stands GGF Africa, a thought leader and strategic partner empowering African and regional companies to embrace Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. From global trends to localized impact, […]

Zimbabwe’s Untapped Carbon Frontier: Can Green Gold Unlock Sustainable Development?

Beneath the parched earth of sun-baked Zimbabwe lies a hidden trove: carbon credits, tradable units representing one tonne of CO2 removed or avoided. These credits, unfamiliar yet brimming with potential, offer a glimmer of hope for a country battling climate change while yearning for economic prosperity. A Green El Dorado Awaits Imagine a market exceeding […]