Rufaro Mhuka

Position: Business Development Manager

Rufaro is an analyst and transformational strategist with exceptional research and analytical skills. She started her career at CBZ Asset Management t/a Datvest and participated in the Deloitte Youth Internship Project before joining Genesis Global Finance as a Corporate Finance & Management Intern. Rufaro is an adaptable individual who has assisted clients in both the public and private sectors to craft and document strategies through her rational approach to problem solving and strategic issues using market and competitors research analysis. Through her experience, Rufaro has the distinct advantage of mastering each new client through intensive internal & external research and intimate collaboration which guides the development of appropriate, responsive and dynamic business processes in accordance with regional and international benchmarks. Rufaro’s career objective is to pursue organisational growth through the creation of innovative, sustainable strategic solutions geared to address the needs of any organization beyond expectations and ultimately accomplish set goals.

Genesis Global Finance (Private) Limited (“GGF”), is a regional financial advisory and strategy consultancy services firm with business interests in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. GGF is a member of the Botswana International Financial Services Centre (“IFSC”). GGF focuses on providing specialist management consultancy and strategic planning consultancy services to private and public companies as well as government ministries and parastatals. 

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