Systems & Processes

GGF AFRICA enhances organizations’ internal control systems by assessing and evaluating them for strength and weaknesses. They provide personalized recommendations based on manufacturing and operations best practices. They modernize institutional systems by incorporating technology and digital culture in key processes. They also create standard operating procedures and advanced case tracking systems to improve efficiency and performance management. This approach improves profitability and growth for organizations.

Systems & Processes

GGF AFRICA leverages proprietary tools, methods, and frameworks to guide the assessment and evaluation of internal control systems pertaining to their strengths and weaknesses. These findings serve as the foundation for recommendations for improved organizational processes, and GGF AFRICA takes ownership in adjusting client policies and procedures to meet best operating and manufacturing practices. We are committed to promoting the “institutionalization of efficiency” through modernisation and automation of institutional systems. Technology and the digital culture are embedded into all process plans related to finance, sales, operations, and strategy; and training interventions focus on the development of standard operating procedures as well as advanced case tracking systems for use as a performance management tool.

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Our impact

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