Job Evaluation and Culture Transformation

Competing effectively in today’s business environment involves prioritizing employee wellbeing and culture transformation through job evaluation. These efforts yield benefits like increased engagement, productivity, and profitability, as well as decreased turnover rates and higher satisfaction levels for employees and customers. Improved culture translates to better alignment between business strategies and values, increasing motivation, and retaining top talent.

Job Evaluation & Grading

The organisational structure of your company is a key factor that affects its performance, efficiency and service delivery. It is important to periodically review and update your structure to align it with the changing needs and demands of your customers, stakeholders and environment. 

That’s why GGF AFRICA offers a comprehensive job evaluation and grading service that can help you assess the current composition of your organisation, identify gaps and areas for improvement, and assign appropriate grades to each job based on its value and contribution. Our job evaluation and grading service is based on a proven and transparent system that is approved by all relevant stakeholders in your organisation. We use a participatory and consultative approach that ensures the involvement and buy-in of all staff members in the process. We believe that full staff participation is essential for a successful job evaluation exercise, as it fosters trust, communication and commitment among your employees. 

By working with GGF AFRICA, you will benefit from our expertise, experience and professionalism in conducting job evaluation and grading exercises for various organisations across different sectors and regions. We will provide you with a detailed report that outlines the results and recommendations of the exercise, as well as a clear action plan for implementing the changes.

Culture Transformation

If you have ever been a customer who received poor service from a service provider, you know how frustrating and disappointing it can be. You might have arrived at their office just before tea time, only to be told that they were closing for the break and that you would have to wait until they came back. How did that make you feel as a customer? Did you feel valued and respected? Or did you feel ignored and dismissed?

The way that employees treat customers is a reflection of their organisational culture. Organisational culture change is a key ingredient in building a winning institution. It can help you improve your service quality, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, innovation and competitiveness. But how do you change your organisational culture? How do you introduce new values and behaviours that align with the digital age imperatives? How do you transform from the old organisational culture to a new ideal culture?

That’s where GGF AFRICA comes in. GGF AFRICA has extensive experience in conducting culture reorientation exercises at different stations, with a strong focus on the digital age imperatives. GGF AFRICA understands the challenges and opportunities of changing organisational culture, and how to design and implement effective interventions that suit your specific needs and goals.

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