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Our team of seasoned practitioners is involved in crafting relevant financial solutions that meet our client’s corporate finance needs. GGF has a team of competent investment bankers with a vast amount of proven experience in a scope of services which ensures GGF crafts and implements financial models and accordingly the relevant policies that will guarantee sustainability of your company as a profit making business meant to generate revenue. We cater for all sectors of the economy including insurance, telecommunications, property, natural resources, banking and bulk infrastructure.

Microfinance – StockTank Investments (Private) Limited” (StockTank) is an associate of GGF and is primarily engaged in the microfinance business. StockTank concentrates on offering tailor made and specific lending products to our clients that address the identified clients’ needs. The StockTank team is involved in continued analysis of the macro and micro economic environment that it operates in and subsequently identifying its niche market and understanding the challenges facing the niche market. The microfinance unit thus delivers its products in a most cost effective way that ensures a satisfied client database.

Areas of Expertise

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    Business Valuations & Due Diligence Reviews

    Do you want to know what your business is really worth and what its key value drivers are? Genesis Global Finance uses a robust business valuation model that determines the value of any business and brings out the key issues that drive the business. Should you desire a full scope or desktop valuation, we will do it at a cost that will not hurt your pocket. Get in touch with us:

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    Capital Raising( Bills, Bonds, Equity, Quasi)

    Mobilizing sufficient and appropriate capital can be difficult in this challenging economic environment. You need a resource mobilisation professional to help you target potential investors that fit your capital profile. At Genesis Global Finance we will navigate you through this seemingly daunting exercise and assist you with preparing the requisite documentation, identifying a suitable investor and negotiating the ideal capital structure for your business. Get in touch with us on and we will assign an experienced practitioner to assist.

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    Business Planning

    No matter what stage you are in your business planning process, our expert consultants will provide you with the necessary business advice to keep your business on track in this challenging environment. Our team members have business experience in both domestic and regional markets and will analyse your business and provide customize business planning solutions specific to your business. Contact us on and we can discuss your specific needs.

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    Transaction Advisory ( PPP, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestiture)

    The changing environment necessitates businesses to continuously assess and review their corporate structure in order to remain competitive. Our specialists at Genesis Global Finance will assist you in developing an ideal competitive corporate structure that helps ensure that your organisation remains relevant in this fast changing business world.
    Acquiring or merging with another business can be complex and it is essential that you have an experienced M&A practitioner to guide you through the process. At Genesis Global Finance we assist both parties to the transaction to navigate the process and achieve desired results! We have handled several large, medium and small scale M&A transactions and thus have sufficient experience to structure your transaction to the best interest of all parties involved. Get in touch with us on and we can discuss your particular transaction.

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    Structured Trade Finance

    Navigating the supply chain can be difficult and a dynamic economic environment such as ours requires organisations to always have innovative supply chain solutions. Genesis Global Finance has a range of financial instruments that can be used to assist in smoothening the flow of your supply chain. Get in touch with us on and we can tailor customized financial solutions for your business.

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    Research and Financial Advisory


    Too often business decisions are made without sufficient research having been carried out to support such decisions. Our research team at Genesis Global Finance will carry out thorough research on your behalf, on any relevant subject matter, and will give appropriate financial advice to assist in decision making. Get in touch with us:

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    Budgeting & Financial Forecasting

    Everything your organization does will always boil down to how much money do you have now or will need in the future. GGF will craft an idealistic budget action plan that is aligned with the strategic plan of your organization ensuring that under the budget stated your organization can manage to meet its goals.

    Genesis Global Finance (Private) Limited (“GGF”), is a regional financial advisory and strategy consultancy services firm with business interests in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. GGF is a member of the Botswana International Financial Services Centre (“IFSC”). GGF focuses on providing specialist management consultancy and strategic planning consultancy services to private and public companies as well as government ministries and parastatals. GGF is accredited by the Office of the President and Cabinet as one of the experts for the Provision of Consultancy Services for Results Based Strategic Planning for public agencies vide State Procurement Board resolution PBR-1384 of September 29 2011.