Skills Audits & Training Needs Assessments

Strategic planning and implementation monitoring are critical interventions that have helped us in our quest to influence policy, strategy and culture towards building a sustainable future. We work with leaders to support effective strategic planning, implementation and evaluation. We plan together, and then walk the journey together.

Skills Audits

Skills management is a vital component of any organization’s success. Having the right team with the right skills is essential to achieve your organizational goals. But how do you know if your team has the skills you need? That’s where a skills audit comes in. A skills audit is a service that GGF AFRICA offers to its clients. It involves creating a detailed skills matrix that shows the competencies and actual skills of each employee in the company. It also helps to identify skill gaps, enhance skill levels, prevent critical skill losses, and document the skills that the organization needs to succeed. By conducting a skills audit, you will also be able to pinpoint specific training needs and benefit from GGF AFRICA’s expertise in this area. GGF AFRICA is your one-stop shop for skills management and training solutions.

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