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Felix Kumirai

Managing Director

Felix is an investment banker with over 19 years’ experience in the banking, financial services, and management consultancy sectors. He has acquired significant local and regional experience in investment banking and management consultancy, having worked in the Zimbabwean, Zambian and Botswana markets at various stages in his career. He has served as the lead consultant in various assignments including strategic planning, job evaluation and job grading processes for public and private sector enterprises.

In various general management roles, at Executive Director and Managing Director levels of the commercial banks and consultancy firms that he has served, he gained a wealth of handson experience in the areas of governance; administration; communications and public relations; human resources management; resource mobilization; and the management of physical and financial assets. Felix has a unique blend of experience arising from his exposure to a wide range of public sector clients including the Ministries of Mines, Youth, Labour, SMEs and Women Affairs, as well as enterprises in the justice law and order sector, power, agriculture, telecoms, broadcasting, manufacturing, as well as the banking and insurance sectors.